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The C Lazy U Ranch Blog

Roping Clinic and Horsemanship Clinic Offered This Year

Here's Tami practicing her roping skills on our fake cow- looks like she's throwing a shot! Go get 'em, Tami!

Another summer is under way here at the C Lazy U Ranch.  With each summer come a lot of changes all over the ranch.  As far as the horse program, there is a group of 14 horses who are trying to find their place in the herd.  As the miniature Sicilian donkey that I am… Continue Reading »

Quadruped of the Month- May

The sassy swish of her tail had me the first time  that I saw her

All, I’m pleased to introduce you to this month’s quadruped of the month: her name is Spot and she is new to the ranch as of this April!     Spot isn’t the thinnest horse in the herd, but I like a girl that can eat so it’s no problem to me- she’s actually built… Continue Reading »

Quadruped of the Month-April

Willow- Horse of the month for April, 2013

Hello loyal blog readers (I came to the conclusion today, by the way, that the reason I have so many loyal readers is because this blog is essentially an extension of me, so when you can’t be with me all the time this give you the next best thing… right? Well, I’m back and so… Continue Reading »

The Snow is Melting!

snow 02/01/13

The snow is melting and I can see my hooves again! Spring is officially here-the cowboy boots are getting brought out again, snow boots are being stored away for the season, people are walking around in their t-shirts, and most importantly, I’ll be making my semi-annual trip down to Denver to support my favorite baseball… Continue Reading »

The snow is a fallin’- It’s a great time to go skiing!

snow with ruler 02/01/13

Howdy blog readers! My little hooves are barely able to write this blog post today, as the snow is tummy deep here (my tummy… which usually only skims the surface of the snow, but these days it’s creating a nice gully behind me as I walk… not yours). At any rate, I just wanted to… Continue Reading »

Winter Holidays at the C Lazy U Ranch

The young man met Mr. and Mrs. Clause last year, and got a special personalized greeting from them again this year. He must have been a very good boy last year!

Well, the holidays have come and gone here at the ranch, and things have started to “quiet down” around here. I put that into air quotes because let’s face it- when you’re as popular as me, even when there are only a dozen guests on ranch any given weekend, I am inundated with photo shoots,… Continue Reading »

Someone needs to take a fall vacation- soon!

Red Tail Hawk Close Up

Happy Fall blog readers! Gosh, I tell you what- this donkey remembers when November was a quiet time at the ranch, but those days are no more- Thanksgiving only has a few rooms left available, and there are even less for Christmas and New Years this year- have you booked your fall vacation yet? In… Continue Reading »

Petey Paparazzi

grand prize winner

Hello to all my loyal blog readers- it’s been a while… but holy cow has it been a busy summer! I have to say that the thing that took up most of my time was posing for pictures with all of you at Rockies games, or during your stays at the ranch. I’ve never felt… Continue Reading »

Happy 4th of July!

I was going for a look of far off wonderment in this one- do you feel it?

I was late in saying it last year, as I got caught up in our ranch festivities, so I’m getting an early start in 2012! Hooray for Independence Day! Now, I reflected on what last July 4th was like for me, and immediately remember that everyone what quite a bit more patriotically dressed than I… Continue Reading »

Fire Update

Thank you so much to all those of you that have called and emailed with your concerns for the ranch in regards to the many wildfires burning throughout Colorado. I am happy to report that the C Lazy U Ranch is no immediate danger (we are about 100 miles from the nearest fire), and with… Continue Reading »