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Winter Elk Herd

Often times Mother Nature feels the need to show us how lucky we are to live at the C Lazy U Ranch (as if we need the reminder!), but the way she provided that example today was a truly rare thing- now, we’ve seen the elk herd on the mesa an innumerable amount of times, but always in the warmer months, as elk and other animals head to forested areas during especially snowy winters, for shelter. Below is a set of photos showing off the view “outside our back door” this afternoon… I hope you all appreciate it- the snow drifts  to the mesa were at least 2 feet deep, and we all know that I’m only about 3 feet tall, so this was no small feat…can’t complain though, I feel I can justify an exceptionally large dinner tonight on the fact that I burned off WAY more calories than normal with that walk- YES!!!!


Lunch time!


The wind changes.


They smell me! Run!


Mass exodus


A safe distance.

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