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Winter Photo Shoot – We’re Stars… or at least I am…

So, Dick’s Sporting Goods came out to do a photo shoot at the ranch a few weeks ago for their new hunting line, and below are some of my favorite shots; they realized, like so may people do, what an amazing staff we have, so I’m pretty sure you’ll recognize the models. You’ll notice that once again I’m not in any of the pictures, but I have it on good authority that the pictures that they sent us to post here, and to our Facebook, are the ones that they aren’t using in their ad campaigns, which means that I should be the one that ends up on all the posters plastered in the Dick’s Sporting Goods stores (sorry to burst y’all’s bubbles, but nice pictures anyway!).


Carly in full camo with a bow, poses for the film and photo crew at Dick's.


Dustin sets out as the guide for "a hunt on horseback".


Parker sits in a tree stand, "calling in the big one" at the Dick's photo shoot.


Parker crosses the river "in search of a buck"


Paul poses in camo, binoculars ready, as snow falls around him.

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