T”was the night before Christmas and all through the ranch

All the people were stirring, it looked like a dance.

The ornaments were hung on the Christmas Tree with care

And carols, sweet music, filled the air.

Christmas Ornament Star/Cowboy

A ranch style Christmas ornament hangs from the main tree in the lodge living room.


Then what to the children’s eyes would appear,

but Santa, yes Santa, with his red suite and his beard.

Santa Arriving

Santa hops off his sleigh to be greeted by kids and adults alike.


Away to the sleigh they tore like a flash,

And on their heels, their parents, all looking quite unabashed!


His eyes they twinkled, his cheeks were so red

This really could be the real Santa, young and old all said.

The luminaries were lighting the path to the lodge

And one and all made their way up to watch.

Santa and Mrs. Clause make their way to the lodge

Santa and Mrs. Clause make their way to the lodge























A bag full of presents did Santa produced,

And name after name he called, though no list did he use.

Santa and child with present

Santa and one of the many children on ranch pose for a picture



The children sat captivated, not looking away,

Waiting to hear the next name that he’d say.

Waiting to be called by Santa

A child sits, captivated, waiting for his name to be called by Santa



And then with a twinkle from his piercing blue eyes,

The bag was empty and it was time for goodbyes.

Cookies were given, hugs were abundant,

They knew they had to let go, but the children were reluctant.

Freddy Wacker hugs Santa goodbye

Freddy Wacker hugs Santa goodbye


It’s times like this that it become apparent,

That our belief in magic really is inherent

On this night, for young and old the same,

Merriment and family, are the name of the game.

Marjorie Kade and Santa

Marjorie Kade, long time guest, laughs with Santa

Tica and Sophia

Tica and daughter Sophia enjoy the merriment of their first ranch Christmas.






















There will always be next year, if you are good,

Santa will be back with a lot more loot.

So until until that time comes, may your holidays be bright,

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Mr. and Mrs. Clause

Mrs. Clause sits on Santa's lap for a picture at the end of the evening.