The C Lazy U Ranch is proud to present to you our 12 Days of Christmas!




12 Tubers Tubing

12 Tubers

12 tubers get excited for their first run down our tubing hill.


11 horseshoe players

11 horse shoe players

11 horseshoe players stand around a giant snowman made of flour in the indoor arena during the first annual Christmas Horseshoe Tournament


10 Elves a’workin’

10 Elves

the traditional display of the 10 ranch elves, preparing for Christmas in the Lodge Lounge.


9 Bowls of Candy

9 candy dishes

The candy spread in the Outfitter's Cabin of the Ranch


8 happy kids

8 Kids

8 Kids sit on a sleigh being pulled by a snowmobile, heading out to go downhill tubing!


7 Wreaths a’hangin’


7 wreaths adorn the front of the lodge


6 Sledders Racing

6 sledders racing

Bruce, Bill Hansen and others race sleds down the ranch driveway.

… and because this was such a rare opportunity, here are a few more shots from the sledding photoshoot:


Another shot of our amazxing sledders- thanks gentlemen!

6 sledders_2

the men pose before taking off on their sleds



… 5 Wranglers Riding

Head Wrangler Bill Fisher, And Wrangler Tyler Klees out for a ride with the first of the winter wranglers.


4 Hockey Players

Nighttime Hockey

4 C Lazy U Ranch boys play hockey at night, on the freshly zambonied pond


3 moose a’munchin’

3 moose at Shorty's

3 bull moose graze the sage brush by Shorty's arena






















2 mules a’mushing

Mules and Sleigh

Horus and Jasper, pulling the ranch sleigh


And a Sicilian donkey in a Santa hat!

Petey in a Santa Hat

Petey prepares for the holiday season with a Santa hat.